Your Images. Our Mission.

Easily monitor and monetize unlicensed image use worldwide

We help professionals in the photo industry regain control over their creative work by providing increased transparency, more revenues, and quicker payments at no costs

A unique industry

Dedicated client service team focused on your needs, whenever you need

Your designated client manager welcomes you, guides you through the process, and remains your go-to person to address any needs you might have

Prioritized curated cases with highest chances of success

To save you time, our curation engine identifies and pre-selects only those cases that are more likely to generate revenue for you faster

Tailormade Post-Licensing fees and pricing ensure that we meet your expectations

We set Post-Licensing fees in-line with your existing pricing structure to ensure your pricing reflects the true value of your work. Our team also provides additional support and industry advice about license fee prices so that you always earn what you deserve

Our friendly approach turns unauthorized image-users into potential clients

Our first step is always to give image users the opportunity to speak with us and produce a license. This approach has proven to help drive new revenue streams and help develop new business relationships for our clients

Our clients have access to the following:

We recover your retroactive online license fees without any additional efforts or costs for you

Our web crawlers search millions of websites globally to collect active data about where your images are being used

Our easy-to-use client portal provides an intuitive and simple workflow to save you time and optimize results

Benefit from our extensive global legal network, enabling us to pursue your interests to the fullest extent

Our team and system ensure that you receive legally sound and court-proofed documentation of your cases

We currently serve our clients in all major geographic regions, covering over 34 countries worldwide

No financial risk or upfront costs, we only make money when you do

Four simple steps


Register and upload your images

After registering an account you can head straight to the upload section in your Client Portal where you can securely upload your images. Our system instantly starts searching for your images online


Review and approve
curated cases

Once we have sifted through your findings, we will present the potential cases with the highest probability of success for approval in your Client Portal. Then, you choose which cases you want us to pursue


Initiate Post-Licensing process

After you approve a case, we immediately start the Post-Licensing process. The image user will receive our communications with a request for a proof of license and we will settle any unauthorized usage online


Get Paid every quarter

Every quarter, you will receive your earnings from the cases won by RYDE along with a transparent royalty statement. During the course of the quarter, you can always look to your client portal, or get in touch for a case status update

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