Frequently asked questions.

RYDE is an image rights agency headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Our aim is to work with both Image Creators and Image Users to legalize unlicensed imagery online through our Post-Licensing Platform.

A Post-License, or retroactive license, covers a usage which has already occurred. If you haven’t already got a license to use an image or other copyrighted work, Post-Licensing will help resolve the unlicensed use without the need to engage in legal proceedings.

Great! If you have a license for this use, please reply to our email with a copy for our Case Management team to review with our Client. If you have exceeded the limitations set within your license, or your license was not valid then we will request payment for the retroactive license.

If you would like to continue to use the image please contact your Case Manager by replying to our email and they will get authorization from the Client for continued use.

Images published online maintain all their copyrights, unless specified by the author.

Aa general rule, always ask the copyright holder permission before publishing their work. If you’re unsure who the copyright holder is, the website which you found it on may be able to tell you where they obtained it from.

Google and other search engines specifically are not sources of free imagery, this is why they display the notice “Images may be copyright protected.”

Copyright subsists on a moment of a works creation and lasts the authors life plus 70 years. There is no requirement for a work to be watermarked or displayed with a copyright symbol “©”. This means that most content online, will be protected by copyright. Not knowing who the copyright holder is, does not give you the right to use a work without permission.

If you have been contacted by us with regards to the unlicensed use of our client’s work, then any communication must be through our Case Manager until the matter has come to a close. Our artists are advised to refrain from communicating with unlicensed image users once a case has been submitted.

For many creatives, licensing is how they make their living and while it’s great to attribute the artist, credit is not sufficient for proper licensing of an image (unless under a specific Creative Commons license.)

Our prices are set by our customers based on their standard licensing practices. We may also take into account fair-market value using a guide like the German MFM (Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto Marketing) Guide. Prior to legal processing, our license fees are not inclusive of any uplifts and/or damages.

Once you have remitted payment for a Post-License, if you have not requested continued use, you must remove the image from your website. If you have also purchased a license for continued use, then you may keep the image on your website, as it was published as per the Case Report. Failure to purchase a Post-License will unfortunately leave you liable for Copyright Infringement and the matter will be referred to our Legal Partner in your jurisdiction.